Want to make your life easier? Let us handle the driving! Here are just a few of the ways that you can use our private car service. 

For your night out

Get picked up at your door for a night on the town. Your chauffeur provides door-to-door service to your restaurant, show, nightclub, gala, or anywhere else you want to go. No worries about directions, parking, or traffic – and with a private car, you and your companion can have as many drinks as you like!

To the airport and back home

It’s early in the morning or late at night – or maybe it’s the middle of rush hour. You can relax in comfort on your way to your flight without having to deal with airport traffic, far-flung parking lots, airport hotels, or bad weather. And when you return, your chauffeur will be there at the gate to meet you, load your bags in the trunk, and take you home again in comfort. Just ask about our airport return service when you call.

Heading out on a cruise? We offer the same service to and from any pier.

Into New York or Philadelphia for the day

Heading to the city? Your professional chauffeur will glide through the traffic and get you there without the hassle of navigating bridges, tunnels, and one-way streets. Leave your car safe at home and let us handle the city driving, while you relax and enjoy your visit. Whether it’s a dinner, show, sports game, concert, sightseeing, or anything else, we’ll get you there and back quickly and safely.

The day of your medical procedure

If you have a doctor’s appointment with anesthesia or outpatient surgery, your doctor probably will say that you need a pick-up. Let us take you there and back in comfort. Your professional chauffeur will make sure you get home safely so you can rest.

Call us anytime, 24/7, to talk to a real person

We’ll make sure you get the car you need. Choose from Town Cars, crossovers, SUV’s and on up through stretched limos, stretched SUV’s, stretched Hummers, limo vans and party buses.

Call us at 800-726-5466 or click here to get a fast quote.

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