Nobody likes driving to or from the airport. Read on to find out why a private car is the best way to get to and from Newark, Philadelphia, Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, JFK or any other airport… 

No more driving to the airport the night before

Instead of waking up at three in the morning for your early flight, you’ve decided to drive to the airport the night before. Now you’re fighting the traffic to the airport hotel, and it costs $20 in gas to get there. You check in at the airport hotel, but you’re hungry. So you and your traveling companion go out for dinner, another $60.

You get back and you’re thinking about your flight early the next morning. You’re in a strange bed and you barely get any sleep – but even though you’re up all night, the room still costs $100.

The next morning you just miss the hotel’s shuttle to the airport, and have to wait for half an hour. And when you get back from your trip, you wait for another shuttle to get your car at the hotel. Now you have to drive home tired. And it’s another $20 for gas.

Make it easy: Have a J&J private car with chauffeur pick you up at your door, take you to the airport and drive you home when you return. Anytime, anywhere.

No more fighting the traffic and worrying about missing your flight

No matter how much you plan, it seems impossible to get to the airport on time. Either you leave too early and end up waiting around the gate forever, or you leave “on time” but have to rush.

You shouldn’t have to worry about traffic or feel like you could miss your flight if one thing goes wrong – like the parking shuttle that doesn’t show up, the security line that’s too long, or a random bag check.

Make it easy: Have a J&J private car take you to the airport. You tell us when your flight is, and we’ll pick you up at the right time to get you to the airport with perfect timing.

No more driving home tired after your flight

You’re flight just landed. You’re tired, your head hurts, and your throat is dry. You have to drag yourself to the long line of parking shuttles – but which shuttle is the right one?

The shuttle eventually drops you off at the parking lot after snaking through the airport for 20 minutes. And now you have to search for your car in the dark.

When you finally find your car, it’s covered in a half-inch of brown airport dust. You grab a napkin from the glove box and wipe off the side and rear windows, trying not to get dust all over your clothes. Spritz the windshield and the wipers can barely get through the dirt.

Now you have to drive all the way home. It’s dark, it’s late, and you need gas – but who knows where there’s a gas station around here. And the traffic is crazy – you just want to close your eyes and take a nap.

Make it easy: Have a J&J private car pick you up at the airport when you return, then sleep comfortably all the way back to your front door.

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