Transportation at your Destination

J&J’s background checked – licensed and insured Affiliates are available to you at your destination. Our team personally meets with other transportation companies to insure you of save travel wherever you go. Call J&J and we will arrange the transportation at your destination through our world wide affiiliate program. J&J reservationists will book your transportation, reconfirm your transportation 24 hours prior to your arrival. J&J dispatchers will reconfirm your out of town reservations two hours prior to dispatch, at dispatch, at arrival point, at pick up and finally at your drop off. No need to look for a ride at your destination point. J&J’s affiliates are reviewed and reconfirmed.

J&J Luxury Transportation meets with its Affiliates continually guaranteeing you of safe and insured transportation at your destination. Ask our agents to about our affiliate program, we do the work and you enjoy the travel at your destination.

Pick-Up Service Areas in Pennsylvania to Anywhere in the United States

Pick-Up Service Areas in New Jersey to Anywhere in the United States