Starting December 2010, J & J is proud to incorporate 85 top-notch vehicles in its fleet, ranging from long door sedans, passenger and executive vans, SUV’s, including Hummers and Hybrids, as well as limo coaches, Luxury Stretch Limousines, and even passenger buses available in all sizes. If you do not own a car or you need one of our vehicles for one of your important business evens, conferences, private parties, delivery services, or sports events where supporters need to travel to a different city, we invite you to get in touch with us and we promise you won’t regret it. We have been in business for many decades and we have got the skills, knowledge, attention to details, care for customers, and right selection of vehicles to cater to your every need. So if your car has just broken down or you have lost the key to it and you need to get back on the road in a jiffy, give us a call and we will help you resume your schedule.

How Can You Find A Reliable Car Locksmith?

One of your biggest concerns when on the look for a car locksmith comes from the fact you are not sure how to come across a reliable technician who will be there on time, when promised, and not waste precious time dong chitchat, but rather get to his work. Also, you are not particularly trained in straying away from scammers, and there’s plenty of them both online and offline. Also, the last thing you want to do is play a truckload of money to a guy just because he says so, when in reality a car shop or a different locksmith could have charged you way less. If you do not have time to handle the stress right now, you can feel relaxed again by renting one of our vehicles and resuming your traveling, while letting some car mechanics or authorized locksmiths fix whatever might be broken on your car.

Simple car lock picking should not take more than a few minutes for a regular lock, and the best locksmiths are also able to repair or reprogram and install transponder locks. Get in touch with a local car locksmith so you don’t have to send over your car to a different state to be fixed. Jammed ignition or loose locks are also regular fixing jobs for license locksmiths like the guys at 24/7 Los Angeles Locksmiths. They offer coverage to all L.A. residents and they promise to reach the place of your lockout or other lock-related emergency within 20 minutes of placing a call to their customer-friendly dispatch number. They are licensed, bonded ad they offer a 90-day guarantee for all replacement parts they might need to use when reaching the scene of your emergency. Take a look at the flat rates they are using for the automotive services you are interested in and compare them to other locksmiths in the area if you need to – they are some of the smallest you should be able to find, so you have plenty of reasons to save their number in your agenda.