Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that could go wrong with a car; and when one of them occurs, all hell is about to break loose, especially if you are genuinely dependant on your vehicle as your main daily transportation means. Below you will find a few quick fixes you could handle by yourself so you can almost immediately resume your driving – and we invite you to keep in mind the J & J car rental service you can use as an excellent alterative whenever the fixes your car needs are too complex for you to handle.

Why Rent A Car From Us?

Ranging from sedans, limousines, stretched SUV’s and Hummers, as well as limo coaches and buses that can transport up to 55 passengers at a time, our fine selection of cars can easily cater to the needs of the pickiest of our clients. So when disaster strikes and the car repairs at the shop will last more than you can afford to wait carless, our service will come in extremely handy for running errands and reaching your destinations on time.   

Car Fixes You Can Do By Yourself

  • Pay attention to the coolant. It will most definitely not last forever, so you will need to change it every 24,000 miles in terms of green coolant or every 100,000 miles for coolant with an extended life. The radiator is likely to break should you keep on driving on worn coolant, and the water pump or heater core are also prone to eventually crack.
  • Constantly change the oil; don’t worry, the costs aren’t too high, especially compare to the repairs you might need to do should you fail to change the case fluid and differential oil on time.
  • Clean the terminals so you can prevent electrical issues. Corrosion will affect the charging system even more, and it can also break the rest of the systems controlled by the computer, such as your automated lock mechanism. When this occurs, indifferent of the make and model on your car, you should call an emergency locksmith service in the area where you live.
  • The majority of authorized locksmith companies provide nationwide coverage of their car service, with emphasis on lockouts, but other lock emergencies will be treated properly should they be clearly communicated to the dispatcher by phone. If you are in a real hurry, it is best to rely on the local service of a technician nearby; for example, Chicagoans can immediately ask for help by calling the number provided on the 24/7 Chicago Locksmith site. They will immediately send over a mobile team that will handle car lockout, jammed ignition, and even instant duplicate key services. And they will do it at some affordable rates also, so they are worth keeping in mind next time when you are confronting with some specific lock problems.  
  • Only opt for licensed and insured specialists, especially if they will change some parts of the lock or ignition – a 90-day guarantee is usually provided by reputable locksmiths. Also, if you have some garage door problems, you can have the same locksmith have a look at it, as these fellows handle a variety of lock0reated issues, home and commercial service included.
  • Replace the air filters each year as clogged cabin air filters will affect you’re A/C system and cause trouble heating the car in the cold season.