If your group is heading out on a big adventure this summer, we make it easy to choose between vans, mini-coaches and full-size buses. We take the time to understand your group’s itinerary, luggage needs, and personal preferences so that we can match you with the best vehicle. Here are descriptions of three common options: 

J&J Van - The Most Affordable Choice

The 13-passenger van with bench seats is your most economical choice. If you’re going to the airport or the pier, you can request a luggage trailer for your suitcases. If your group is going on a one or two day trip to a theme park or sporting event, the 13-passenger van is an easy and affordable choice.

J&J Limo Coach

The 33-passenger coach is perfect for mid-size groups traveling to airports or piers. It has an aisle down the center with individual chair seating. You can store your luggage in overhead compartments and a rear luggage bay. This is also an ideal vehicle for day trips within a two-hour radius. If your group is heading to a sporting event, this coach will fit your coolers and chairs for tailgating. If you need more storage – grills, tents, etc. – we suggest going with one of the larger coaches mentioned below for the undercarriage storage compartments.

J&J Full-size Coach

full-size motorcoach can carry up to 55 people with lots of luggage. It’s your own charter bus and it has the convenience of a restroom in the back. If your group of 30+ is going to the airport or pier, the full-size coach is usually your best option.

For example, 33 people headed to the airport with two suitcases each aren’t going to fit in the 33-passenger coach. But with the full-size coach’s undercarriage storage bays, everyone fits and you have the comfort of an on-board lavatory. The coach also has dropdown DVD screens to help the trip speed by.

We have a fleet of full-size coaches and can easily transport groups of 500 or more.

We hope that you now have an idea of your options for group travel. When choosing a coach, it’s important to think beyond just the number of seats in the vehicle. Two groups of 32 people will often require two different vehicles, depending on their luggage and travel plans.

Give us a call any time, 24/7, and we’ll help you arrange a summer adventure that fits your budget and keeps your group comfortable!

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