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      Fleet of vehicles in front of a fancy building

      Need a taxi in the Lehigh Valley? Call Anytime Taxi by J&J

      Anytime Taxi — 1-800-726-5466

      The streets of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton aren’t swarming with taxis day and night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a ride anywhere, at any time. Anytime Taxi from J&J is an upscale taxi service that makes your ride a smooth and worry-free experience.

      J&J puts an end to the classic frustrations of taking a taxi

      In the past, there used to be all sorts of worries involved with calling a taxi here in the Lehigh Valley. Did the dispatcher take down the right address? How long will it take for the taxi to show up? Will the taxi even show up at all? Stories of the taxi that never comes are common – especially on weekend nights.

      Then – let’s say it arrives – is it clean? Or is it a junky, old former police car? Who’s the driver? Can you trust them? Will they treat you well? And are they safe and responsible?

      It’s finally easy to get a taxi in the Lehigh Valley

      J&J Anytime Taxi is a Lehigh Valley taxi service that you can trust. You know you’re going to get an unrushed, professional dispatcher anytime, day or night. You can order your taxi in Spanish or English.

      When you give your address and ask for a pickup, you know that the taxi is going to arrive on time and to the right location. And when the car arrives, it will be a clean and upscale ride, usually a Lincoln Town Car. Your driver will be a professional chauffeur who has passed a background check, like all J&J drivers. And your ride will be smooth, safe and comfortable.

      Call us anytime

      Whether you need a ride home from the bar or club on a weekend, a lift to the airport in the early morning, or just a ride across town, call J&J Anytime Taxi. We want to show you that it’s finally easy to get a taxi in the Lehigh Valley.

      Call 1-800-726-5466 or 610-439-9241 – we’re here and ready to help you.