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      Private Car Service – The story of a night out

      What’s it like to have a night on the town with private car service from J&J? Here’s the story of one possible night… 


      It’s Friday night. Your dinner reservation is at 8, but you and your significant other are dressed and ready by 7. You pour two glasses of wine and sip them on your back deck, watching the sunset.

      You hear your private car arrive at 7:40, right on time, and head to the driveway. Your chauffeur is in full uniform, and the car is a brand-new, black Lincoln Town Car crossover. He opens the doors one at a time for the two of you, and you’re off to a hidden farm-to-table restaurant out in the country. No need for directions or a GPS.

      You’re both surprised how romantic the drive is down the winding country roads. If you were driving, you wouldn’t have been able to take in the scenery like this – but tonight is different.

      You arrive at 8, walk in and your table is ready. The two of you enjoy a gourmet dinner and have a bottle of wine with the meal. It’s nice to not worry about driving.


      After dinner you call the chauffeur and the car picks you up at the door. He takes care of the car doors again. It’s night now, and you’re headed to a club in Philadelphia.

      Normally you wouldn’t drive to Philly – the traffic, the parking, the narrow highway – but now the ride flies by. All of a sudden, you’re at the door of the club — your chauffeur knew a shortcut.

      You dance all night and realize it’s been a while since the two of you have had a night like this.

      A Safe Ride Home

      Sometime after midnight you call your chauffeur. He picks up on the first ring, and a minute later the car is waiting for you at the door. He opens the car doors again, you get in, and you’re off.

      You snuggle and doze in the back seat until the car stops, the dome light comes on, and you know you’re home.

      You appreciate that the chauffeur waits in the driveway with the headlights on until you’re both inside the house and the door is closed.

      The next day, you tell your friends how easy it was to have an amazing night out…

      If you’re planning a night out, let us take care of the driving for you. Call us at 800-726-5466 or click here for a fast quote.