Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission

J & J Luxury Transportation, its owners, management and employment teams take particular pride in our role as good stewards of the Earth and its environment. It is our intention to leave the smallest possible imprint on our great planet.

As a transportation company, we recognize our impact on the environment and we have instituted a number of policies and practices to minimize our carbon footprint.

For instance, our chauffeurs minimize idle time and often drive under the speed limit. Reservations are sent to chauffeurs electronically. Our office team recycles paper and aluminum and purchases recycled paper. Electronic communications are encouraged and it is our most commonly used form of communication.

J& J does not use and has never used chemicals or artificial sprays on any of its business and personal properties and last year we planted 180 trees on the property around our corporate headquarters.

For almost a quarter-century we have recycled all transmission fluids, oils, and other fluids. Since 1990 our car wash drain system has a built-in separator that stops any impurities from entering the environment and all impurities go into a trap for recycling.

J & J is proud to be the first transportation company in our region to utilize alternate fuel and/or hybrid vehicles. We are in the process of measuring our carbon output so we can submit a measured report of our real reduced carbon emissions. Large corporations receive tax credits with submission of carbon emissions reports.

J & J’s principles are lifelong members of the Sierra Club and Green Peace. They contribute quarterly to the Sierra Club, The NRDC, Green Peace and more. Donations are also made to Save the Rain Forests, Save our Oceans, Save the Whales and other environmental campaigns. Because we are sensitive to the environment and our endangered animal species, J & J contributes money and volunteers time to the Lehigh Valley Zoo, Endangered Species Fund Raisers and the SPCA and Humane Societies both locally and nationwide.

J & J believes that ride-sharing is good business, but it is also our personal philosophy, If ride-sharing is not possible, we encourage everyone to conduct their transportation in the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly way. And we practice what we preach. Our Chairman of the Board rides a Vespa and/or motorcycles throughout the year to cut down on his carbon emissions and our president’s vehicle uses alternate fuel.

Our Green Mission: To educate our employee teams, clients, vendors, friends, family and the community on the importance of a green environment and protection of our domestic and wild animals through publications, advertisements, conversation and, most of all, by our own example.